Athlete Development Program

$50 - Billed Every 2 Weeks (Fortnightly) until cancelled

Join our Student-Athlete Program that will increase strength, improve agility and coordination and help to prevent injuries for all sports!

3x a Weekly-2_weeks

$50 - Billed Every 2 Weeks (Fortnightly) until cancelled

Attend up to 3 classes a week of our CrossFit, Specialty, seminars, or Open gym programs!


$75 - Billed Every 2 Weeks (Fortnightly) until cancelled

Attend as many of our CrossFit, Seminars, or Open gym classes a week as you would like!

Life and Longevity

$95 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Online Life & Longevity Program

$75 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Access to our online Life and Longevity classes!
Join us for our Life and Longevity classes!
These classes are a coach lead and developed to ensure that your health and fitness are increased safely and reliably.
We will utilize functional movements to ensure that you are ready to handle life for a long time!

Online Membership/Programming

$15 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Core Strength Protocol

$25.00 / 1 Pack

Who doesn’t want a sexy 6-pack of abs? Well, I can’t promise this program will deliver those, but I feel confident that you’ll have less back pain and you’ll see most of your lifts increase with a better core! 

CrossFit at its root is based in “core to extremity” movements. Meaning everything originates from our core--our middle--the heart of the person and radiates out from there. Therefore, just like when a home has a solid foundation; a solid core is going to make for a better gymnast, lifter, runner, and of course CrossFitter!

Plus when you couple this protocol with a well formulated diet--you might just see some of those 6 pack or even 8 pack abs that we all want!

This 3 days a week program is intended to be completed for 6 weeks by anyone who wants to strengthen their core and just get better stability overall. By the way this will also work to strengthen your back which will likely decrease any back pain you may be dealing with!

Each training day will have 4 movements that you will move through in 30 second intervals with as little rest as possible for 4 cycles. This should last a total of 8 minutes per day. We will work on isometric, rotational, flexion and extension movements to be sure that your core is as strong as we can make it!

Coach J

Pull up Protocol

$25.00 / 1 Pack

The elusive pull up. 

Years ago there were a group of Olympic level downhill skiers that came to the original CrossFit for training and the data revealed that the more pull ups that the skiers were able to develop, the faster their downhill ski times became! No one has ever been able to explain why, they just know that it worked!

Many of our members have indicated that they have a lifelong goal of getting their first pull up!

So I developed this program with the intention of helping many of our members to achieve that massive goal and getting their first PULL UP.

This 3 days a week program is intended to be completed for 6 weeks by anyone who wants to get their first pull up or just get better at pull ups! This can be done on its own or you can add this to your current training program to develop your pulling power!

Each training day has 4 supersets to be completed with 2 pulling movements and 1 pushing movement to ensure muscle balance. These supersets should be completed in a timely manner but done in control and methodical nature--don't' speed through each set!

Enjoy, good luck and I’ll see you on the top side of the bar!

Coach J

5 session Specialty Class Membership

$25.00 / 5 Pack

5 classes for our Speciality Class
This does not provide access to other programs.

5 Session Membership

$75.00 / 5 Pack

Attend any of our Coach led classes!

10 Session Membership

$120.00 / 10 Pack

Membership for 10 classes at CrossFit Chelsea

20 Session Membership Package

$200.00 / 20 Pack

Membership for 20 classes at CrossFit Chelsea